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Ello, the name's Tin. This is usually where I put crap about myself but hey, that's a bit cliche. (Surprisingly, my skills cannot create the e in cliche to grow an accent mark)

Anyways, here's a few facts about stuff:
I adore Mavin

*This is not my personal blog btw- this is my mavin blog ;D hence the name merpderpmavin

Was that enough info? No then come on by and as questions!

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Showed up this morning Gavin and there were two cookies on my desk. I thought, “I don’t know what these are” so I put them on Jack’s desk. Knew that he would eat them before he even said hello.

Showed up this morning Gavin and there were two cookies on my desk. I thought, “I don’t know what these are” so I put them on Jack’s desk. Knew that he would eat them before he even said hello.


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Im telling you guys. If no Destiny Machinima happens Ill be sad.

Burnie Burns: Atom Smasher!

Burnie Burns: Atom Smasher!


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Ray’s mischievous behavior.

Let’s Build - Ice Cube Part 5

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An accurate summary of the Family Feud Let’s Play


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wiseblueunicorn asked: Why are you so awesome?


The following is based on a true story:

Many years ago a young boy named Caleb had a rough day at Kindergarden. People weren’t being nice and decided to call him names. His best friend Sean kept trying to kiss his girlfriend, Heather, and had gotten into a fight with him. Sure, Caleb won the physical fight, but it didn’t feel like a win. He wished there could have been a better way to solve his problem.

Caleb thought long and hard on his way home. What should he do? How could he resolve issues without acts of violence. Upon his home arrival, Caleb immediately ran to the backyard to his secret base (skipping his post school snack). Up the 50 foot Redwood Tree he climbed until he reached the very top. While not actually a safe place for a 5 year old to hang out, Caleb sure felt very safe all the way up there.

At first Caleb yelled for his other best friend, Justin, who lived in the house behind him. No response though. Normally he’d then walk down the street to see Sean, but sadly he was currently the problem. His 3rd best friend, Mark, lived too far away to just walked over and scheduling a playdate would be too much a hassle. That left Caleb alone with his favorite tree.

"Tree, what should I do?" Caleb asked

*Tree rustles in the wind*

"I agree, I shouldn’t fight. But how can I stop Sean from trying to kiss my girlfriend. I tried asking and he said he won’t stop!"

*Tree continues to rustle*

"No, I’d never tattle on him, he’s my best friend."

*The wind stops and everything seems quite and still*

The quite stirs an idea in Caleb’s head and he think’s to himself, “I wish I was more awesome so I could use my influence for good!”

*Nothing happens and Caleb climbs down the tree and goes inside*

That night a mystical storm hit, but for some reason Caleb didn’t even stir as the house shook from the howling winds. The next morning, Caleb awoke like any other day, but something was different. It’s like he had an added swagger to his step. Not noticing, Caleb began his morning routine.

Step 1: Brush his teeth

Step 2: Look in the mirror and tell himself how he loves who he is, how he loves the world, and how great the day will be.

Suddenly, everything in his bathroom began to shake and Caleb began to spin like a tornado! After everything stopped, Caleb felt no different. In fact, absolutely nothing had changed. While the powers of the Redwood Tree tried to help Caleb become more awesome, it’s efforts were futile because Caleb already was as awesome as possible. Turns out that accepting loving who you are is the most awesome thing in the world and no mystical bullshit can make you better. Only you have power over yourself and your self image and if you want to be awesome, you can be as long you truly believe it.

That day at school, Caleb and Sean talked it out, and even though Caleb was a jerk and moved away to Italy that year, he, Sean, Justin, and Mark all remain in contact via Facebook. Everyone lived pretty much happily ever after.

The End


The big move is coming up and I’m so exited. But you will be missed 636… You will be missed.

let’s play family feud aka i haven’t laughed this hard in ages

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